Web2Touch 2017

Semantic technologies in smart information sharing and web collaboration

Conference Track @ 26th IEEE WETICE Conference

Poznan, Poland, June 21-23, 2017

Topics Covered

Web2Touch concerns improvements that can be produced through a better organization of knowledge, including alternatives to represent dynamic changes in shared information. Web2Touch is also about practical semantic collaboration experiences in a wide range of well-established and emerging interdisciplinary applications, including web science, eHealth, smart cities, smart companies, green IT, entertainment, eLearning and education.
Contributions addressing one or more of the following topics are expected:

  • Ontologies
    • Ontology tools and ontology engineering
    • Ontology and knowledge reuse and integration
  • Semantic sharing and collaborative knowledge management
    • Data that is heterogeneous with respect to structure, semantic richness, quality, dynamism, etc, including big web data, linked open data, crowdsourced data, social data, knowledge networks data
    • Crowdsourcing techniques for semantic collaboration
    • Use of semantics in mobile web, wearable computing, and cross-device content management and delivery
    • Semantic annotations
    • Semantic-based Decision Support
    • Interoperability between semantic web services
    • Semantifying collaborative Web sources
    • Semantic technologies for Information Extraction
    • Collaborative knowledge validation, evolution and alignment
    • Collaborative knowledge management enabling context exploitation and content personalization
  • Experiences in semantic web support for collaborative work and business
  • Collaborative semantic web in interdisciplinary applications such as web science, eHealth, eLearning, education, entertainment, Internet of Things, smart homes, smart companies and smart cities.