Web2Touch 2017

Semantic technologies in smart information sharing and web collaboration

Conference Track @ 26th IEEE WETICE Conference

Poznan, Poland, June 21-23, 2017

Welcome to the 2017 edition of Web2Touch Track!

Web2Touch Track aims to explore semantic technologies in smart information sharing and web collaboration. The track aims to bring together researchers and practitioners to develop new models and techniques to deal with changes in how to keep information/representation consistent, reliable, manageable and retrievable during cooperative work.

About the background

The increase of Web capabilities leads to a deep qualitative change in the nature of cooperative activities. Nowadays, many activities are dynamic and take place in real time. Web practitioners, and applications, exploit, in rapidly varying ways, the richness of the Web to support users’ multifaceted activities. This causes dynamic changes in content, context, methods, meaning, and relationships to other pieces of knowledge, which affect the security and reliability of collaborations. The track theme explores how to share knowledge, views, facts, and opinions in a highly dynamic and secure Web-based environment. Coordinated, trusted, and secure sharing of information is an urgent topic in the Web research agenda. This creates the need for methods and tools to structure information sharing under correct conditions, such as preserving privacy and ensuring that distributed data and processes are consistently maintained in an evolving environment. Studies on knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence have proposed various Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) (e.g. thesauri, ontologies, taxonomies, etc.), which play a crucial role in information recovery, disambiguation and identification on the Web. Reasoning techniques can also be applied, leading to a better decision or an awareness of events.

W2T wants to explore the state-of-the-art on these topics, accommodating users’ practical experiences as well as trends and research topics, paving the way for future collaborative approaches to knowledge engineering.

Web2Touch Track - an open forum

We expect to discuss new techniques to assess and organize knowledge through the Web in face of the challenges imposed by its dynamic and rapid evolution. We also expect to have discussions on the advantages and limitations of these reference models, and on how security can be introduced in these models.
Moreover, we welcome discussions on the application of new orthogonal paradigms, such as crowdsourcing techniques for incorporating human workers into the knowledge management process, thus facilitating intelligent and social capabilities.
The goal of the W2T Track is to provide a venue for researchers and practitioners within the field of Web collaboration, semantic web, and related areas, to share experiences, discuss challenges, and socialize opportunities. Web2Touch 2017 will provide an opportunity to learn how researchers and practitioners handle dynamic Web information, and to discuss the applicability and limitations of current and emerging approaches to Web-based knowledge sharing in different domains.
Web2Touch is an open forum for studies in multiple application domains including, for example, Web science, eHealth, eGov, eLearning, smart cooperative fruition of evolvable contents in smart cities, and collaborative systems in general.